Friday, February 27, 2009

Traveling Nomads

I think we at our basic root are nomadic. I love to travel everywhere, to see new, to learn new, to adapt, etc. After a few years somewhere I feel the need to make a transfer. I think Dave is the same, and his family moved a bit as well. How could I ever expand myself if I did the same thing, never learned how the person in the other pair of shoes lived? Today Dave bought a homeless man lunch and I felt blessed to help someone else. How many times has someone helped us in our time of need, when we were down on our luck, it felt good to pass it on. I'm just amazed that people just stand by and do nothing. Anyway were traveling, Dave's working (thank goodness), sick of motels, can't wait to buy our RV and live. We're still going to fix up the house and live in it part-time. This whole journey is out of my comfort zone which is good to help me grow and expand but the stretching part can hurt and be uncomfortable.

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