Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lego Indiana Jones

So I've been playing Lego Indiana Jones on our Wii, I'm totally addicted, been playing like crazy, even forgot to eat sometimes. It's so much fun! We also have Lego Star Wars which Dave has played already but I will play it soon. We have maybe 10 Wii games, I really like it. I'd like to get Wii Fit as well, we have all loved Wii Sports. I really love the Indiana Jones movies, except the 2nd, and this game shows the same scenes but really funny.

New Kittens

We got two new kittens! They are both Himalayan and Siamese, long hair, blue eyes, soooooo cute! We got two boys. We've been naming all our recent pets after 'Lord of the Rings' so you'll understand their names. So the new kittens names are Faramir and Aragorn, then our two dogs, a boy and girl are Strider and Arwen. then our other two girl cats are Blossom and Noel.

Glad August is Over

Well, Mary started 4th grade, she's growing up so fast! She just turned 9. She also started taking piano lessons, is in a singing group, and will start soccer next week, whew. It's been so hot, I'm ready for fall. My scottish skin can't take a lot of sun. Dave is working like crazy which is great. I'm going to start doing plastic canvas crafts, I've wanted to do a tissue box holder for a while. I even had to drive a four hour drive roundtrip to the courthouse in my county for jury selection. It was going to be a ten day trial, and the gas and time would have been too much, thankfully they picked the jury before they asked me any questions. I was there from 8am to 7pm, and had to drive over a mountain pass at night. The rain and lightening were interesting... I could handle a small trial.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Green Works

These new products are great! I love them. They work better than good old 409. I like that it's better ingredients too, and much safer. I kept trying different products to see what works best and these are the best I've found. Better for the environment too.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Dark Knight

I saw Batman 2 last night, it was so awesome! I loved it! It was a really dark movie, and every character was so great. I love how these movies put a more realistic touch to everything. The movie quite surprised me in a few scenes. It was really just amazing and good for the comic fans.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Casket in Truck pic 2

Casket in Truck pic

The Funeral...

So I haven't been able to talk about the funeral until now. I saw Robert at the viewing, it was so hard. He didn't even look the same, I just really sobbed. I figure his since his spirit was gone from his body that that makes a difference. Since our spirits are so special it really makes us look the way we look, since a spirit leaves the shell of a body it just looks...empty. So the funeral was good, we laughed and cried. I told funny stories about Robert, and things I remember when we were growing up. Robert's friends decorated a truck and after the church service Robert's casket went into the truck with his friends holding on into the back. It was really cool, and I knew Robert loved it! The hardest part was when the casket was lowered into the ground, I just sobbed and sobbed. I'd been trying to be strong for my family but at that point I couldn't hold it in. I really felt Robert with me a lot. I know he's happy. Why would you want to come back here to this hell of an earth when you've been to Heaven. I know our past loved ones were there for Robert, and most especially Jesus the Christ with open arms full of love. My mom has taken it so hard, doesn't feel any peace, hasn't felt Robert's presence, not sure if he's happy or scared, it's really sad. Mom is just wasting away. I can't deal with another funeral in 6 months. I pray for her to have comfort and peace and to feel Robert with her, but I think because she's so distraught she can't feel him. I've felt him quite strongly. Anyway... It still feels like a dream, like it's not real. Also grieving makes you tired, I've been so tired. Since I tried to be strong for my parents on the way home I let it all loose, and only started to feel a little better a couple of days ago. I still sobbed in the shower last night. I'm angry too, I know some people who could've gone instead, but I can't be like that or think that way, but I do think that's normal.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hellboy 2

So Dave and I saw Hellboy 2 last night. Loved it! It was also very funny! It was nice, the kids were with Grandma, it was nice for it to be just Dave and I. We went to the drive-in so you get to see two movies. We also saw The Mummy 3, it was so lame, it didn't have that magic that the first two Mummy movies did.