Saturday, January 31, 2009


I miss Dave so bad, my heart is breaking, ripping apart. He's been gone six days and I don't know when we'll see him. We need to find a place to live, Dave's going to church tomorrow in WY and see if anyone can help find a place. Everywhere we go we always hear to ask people at church if they know who wants to rent out. I have to have faith it will be ok, that I can get through this. My dad fell off his trailer the other day, an ambulance got him and had to get 20 stitches in his head, I guess he fell really hard and pretty bad. I'm so worried that dad is going to pass away soon, he's so different since Robert passed, he looks so bad. If my dad goes, my mom will soon after. I hope this is a better year. BTW, Dave's new job is going great, he loves it, and half the crew are women, cool.

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